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If you want a down to earth, casual barbecue, a high-end function or something in the middle, we want to be there to help you enjoy your special day! We will work with you on providing all your culinary needs for you and your guests.  

Graduations & Parties

Nothing says party like barbecue! We want to provide a different option from the normal run of the mill BBQ shacks. We incorporate different regions of the country, different regions of the world 

and different cooking styles to make your party special and one to be the envy of your friends and family.  

Special Events & Vending

If you have a special event coming up whether its a local block party, business function, clam bake or football tailgate we want to help you create the best possible menu, decor and overall experience possible. We take enormous pride in trying to make you, the customer, as happy as possible.  

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